Corporate Citizenship


Canon’s Kyosei philosophy, living and working together for the common good into the future, is central in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and activities. We aim to achieve growth through sound and fair business activities while contributing to the realization of a sustainable global society. We support projects that bring positive impact on local communities and environment.

Community Engagement

We want to make meaningful social contributions in communities in which we operate. We contribute to cultural improvement and promotion of both enriched life styles and the global environment. As a member of a society, we are actively engaging with various community supporting activities and sponsorships. In our CSR activities we focus on four tracks of social contribution activities.

1. Promoting enriched lifestyles and the global environment

We support the initiative to provide warm meals based on locally grown products to schools in Poing (Germany). We also have a long history of sponsoring the Robur Foundation dedicated to protect the local environment in Limburg (Province of The Netherlands).

2. Contributing to society through business activities

In addition to financial donations, we support local communities by providing printing activities for public events. We are also sharing our site fire brigade for emergency calls in Poing (Germany).

3. Supporting cultural improvement

We support cultural, charitable and sporting initiatives through sponsorships.

4. Realizing a sound and fair society

We offer jobs for persons with disabilities.


We believe that biodiversity plays an important role to achieve a sustainable society, which resonates with Canon’s Kyosei Philosophy. Canon established a Biodiversity Policy in order to promote biodiversity-conservation activities. We are making continuous efforts to improve biodiversity around our operational sites by assessing the impact of our business activities on local flora and fauna. Based on the initial biodiversity status, we identify opportunities to improve surrounding nature and monitor it to track changes over time. We are also active pursueing partnerships to preserve the nature. Since 2005 Océ has been participating in the “Maas corridor” project to protect the Maas river bank and to achieve sustainable flood prevention.

Fair Business Activities

As laid down in our Code of Conduct, we are committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to our activities, and we engage in our business with fairness and sincerity. To help meet this commitment a Policy Handbook is available to all our employees.

Practice of Fair Competition

At all times we avoid any business practice that undermines market competition, eschew the pursuit of profit through unlawful means, and refuse to participate in any practice that might raise suspicion in the eyes of the public.

Observance of Corporate Ethics

In all our business activities, we avoid any conduct that violates the principles of corporate ethics.

Disclosure of Information

In our business activities we provide information accurately and truthfully in order to avoid any misunderstandings with customers.
We do not engage in improper advertising such as extravagant advertisement and misrepresentation that may mislead consumers.

Earth Hour

“Earth Hour” is a global environmental movement, started by the WWF in 2007, during which people share their desire to stop global warming and protect the global environment by turning off lights at a certain day and time (from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time).

Earth Hour 2017

Here’s an impression of Earth Hour 2017 at Océ.