Océ Color Copy Press

Océ Color Copy Press – high quality prints with a constant speed on a wide variety of media.


The Océ Color Copy Press system actually presses images into the paper for highly consistent color print quality with the look and feel of offset. The system prints with a constant speed a on a wide variety of media. The short path virtually eliminates paper jams.


Constant speed

  • For all media types and weights
  • For simplex and duplex printing

Stable color quality

  • Offset look and feel: the monolayer image on paper has a less shiny and layered impression
  • Instead of ‘jumping’ to the paper, the toner is ‘pressed’ directly into the paper
  • Up to 50% lower temperature
  • Monocomponent toner works without developer; avoiding the deterioration of print quality over time
  • Paper preheating ensures 100% toner transfer without paper distortion

Use on a wide range of media

  • From plain paper to embossed media ranging in weight from 75 to 250 g/m²
  • Océ recommended media up to 300 g/m²
  • Special media like embossed papers can be printed because the toner is pressed into the media

Respecting the environment

  • No developer, no toner waste
  • No toner ‘jumping’ to the paper, eliminating toner pollution
  • 50% lower fusing temperature considerable reduction of energy consumption
  • Photoconductor also known as masterbelt made from non-harmful substances
  • The PIN-array corona unit generates extremely low ozone quantities, far below threshold values

Less paper jams

  • The toner is brought to the paper instead of the traditional method of bringing the paper to the toner.
  • The short paper path limits paper jams.

How the technology works

  • After creating the complete full color image on the rubber coated intermediate, the toner image is actually ‘pressed’ into the media.
  • The image is transfered using pressure and a temperature of about 90 C/195 F. This is about half the temperature normally needed to fuse in electrophotographic technology.
  • The process is engineered in such a way that the engine will run at a constant speed for all types of media.

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