Océ Direct Imaging

Océ Direct Imaging uses voltage and magnetism. No light is used to create an image. It is directly created on each imaging drum electronically, thereby providing highly accurate color registration and image fidelity, unmatched by traditional processes.



Stable process

  • Less sensitive for temperature and humidity changes

Color consistency without any problems

  • No use of developer and corona’s
  • No manual calibration


  • No ozone emissions
  • Less waste material

How the technology works

  • The Direct Imaging drum contains 7,500 individual tracks, each one can be separately addressed.
  • Océ Direct Imaging uses a mono-component iron based toner.
  • The toner particles are placed on the Imaging drum and then removed by a strong magnet.
  • When a voltage is placed on one of the tracks, the force of the magnet is overruled and the toner is transported to the intermediate, a glass drum with a rubber coating. Using this
  • method, the toner can accurately be addressed side by side on this intermediate.
  • The next step in the process is the Color Copy Press technology


  • Océ CPS900 Platinum
  • Océ CPS800 Platinum
  • Océ CPS 700

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